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Mighty Doom hands-on: Not really Doom, not really mighty

Mighty Doom is a new mobile game from Bethesda. Testing is currently underway in some regions, such as New Zealand. Since this shooter is still in early access, it’s not available in most regions, so I sideloaded the title (v 0.5.0) for a closer look to report my results. After spending time playing the game, the dominant doom is basically. Arkiro, so it’s a free-to-play casual top-down shooter that has little to do with the Doom franchise beyond hamfisted skin. As you can guess, Bethesda is raking in the cash. So I’m here to tell you if this outright shovel is worth playing?

getting started

Mighty Doom just entered Early Access, so it’s still on the way. As it is, onboarding is short and sweet. Since this is a one-handed game played in portrait mode, the first level will teach you how to control your character with the virtual thumbstick placed in the bottom center of the screen. These control settings are intuitive and easy to select, so if you’ve ever played a portrait SHMUP on Android (or Archero), Mighty Doom should be familiar territory. This is a title designed for casual play and shows.


The splash screen is nice enough, but the game is pretty bare bones.

I wouldn’t call Mighty Doom’s graphics impressive, but I think they got the job done. Arkiro, but the use of the punishment skin is the same as presenting the dominant punishment. The situation is too bright and cheery for my taste. Doom series is unknown. No grime and no gore. It’s like something that sanitizes the corporate suit dome we all love and know for mass casual appeal. I have no impression on the graphics of Mighty Doom. Sure, it features familiar characters, bosses, and locales, but the game doesn’t look or feel like a Doom attribute.


You can watch the 15-minute gameplay video recorded above, which shows the game tutorial, gameplay, and menus currently available. This video shows for the first time what Mighty Doom’s Early Access release brings to Android.

Sadly, the gameplay of Mighty Doom is a recurring theme. At its core is a top-down shooter that feels and plays like a SHMUP. This is especially true if you go a little further where things start to get really busy. A roguelike mechanism is also mixed. This means that death continues as you slowly upgrade your character.

Things start off incredibly easy, and slashing enemies unlocks rewards that boost your character while running, such as faster bullet speed or more powerful shots, with each run you make. Allows you to gradually increase your abilities as you progress. After you die, you have to start over, but you can unlock permanent upgrades between runs. Here you can see the actual progress of the game.

A common time trap has been rebranded as an upgrade system.

You can get useful equipment and materials to upgrade this equipment, yes, it has a fuse system. Gacha fans should know better than the mechanics…

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