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Home » ‘Merry Liddle Christmas Baby’ cast list: Meet Kelly Rowland, Thomas Cadrot, and others from Lifetime drama

‘Merry Liddle Christmas Baby’ cast list: Meet Kelly Rowland, Thomas Cadrot, and others from Lifetime drama

Merry Christmas baby Lifespan is a drama that brings happiness and joy to the audience. The film is about how a large family gathers to celebrate the holidays.

They This is the third part of the 2019 film. Merry Christmas Liddle. In 2020, its second part, titled, premiered. Happy Liddell Christmas Wedding.

As per the titles, the story of the franchise revolves around the Liddell family. The main character Jackie falls in love in the first part, then gets married in the second part and is now pregnant in the third part.

The official summary of Merry Christmas baby reads:

“As their family expands in ways they never could have expected, the Liddells are headed for a crazy Christmas full of happy chaos and lots of love and laughter.”

In that vein, let’s take a look at the cast of Lifetime’s upcoming film.

Kelly Rowland as Jackie Liddell

Actress Kelly Rowland is also a famous singer, songwriter and musician. She has been nominated for prominent music awards, including the Billboard Music Awards and the Grammy Awards.

In addition to numerous music videos, Rowland has also appeared in numerous films and television shows. Some of his works include: Freddy vs. Jason,, About the weather,, American Spirit,, He thinks like a man.,, The best of LA,, Bad hair I Kingdomtogether with Merry Christmas Liddle Franchise

The upcoming drama Lifetime stars Jackie Liddle, who is heavily pregnant with her husband, Tyler. Will she give birth on Christmas Day? Only time will tell.

Thomas Caderott plays Tyler.

In addition to sequels to Lifetime films, Thomas Caderot also starred. Firefly Lane,, good doctor,, Debris,, My best friend’s bouquet,, In the key of love,, beautiful,, A Midsummer Nightmare,, Flash,, Love is in the air,, supernatural, I arrow.

U Merry Christmas babyhe portrays Jackie’s husband Tyler.

Bresha Webb as Kiara

Braysha Webb is known for acting in several television shows, e.g The house was broken.,, Grey’s Anatomy,, Running the world,, Marilyn,, Sherman’s Showcase,, The last OG,, truth be told, I I love this girl! His film credits include Keep it together,, Home,, Night school,, the house next door, I A fall from grace.

Webb played Kiara Liddle, Jackie’s fashionable sister. Merry Christmas baby. In the film, she will be seen dating Chris (Nathan Witt).

Jackie and Kira have another sister, Trina, played by Latonia Williams, who will be seen planning to adopt a child with her husband, Julian (Jamie M. Callica). Merry Christmas baby.

The family drama also stars Debbie Morgan, Chris Shields, Galsey May, Aidan Stokes, Nakai Takavira, Leandro Geddes and Grant Wilhovich.

‘Merry Little Christmas Baby’ Premiere Date

The film is part of the online holiday event ‘It’s a Wonderful Lifetime,’ which features Christmas-themed films released leading up to the festival.

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