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Home » Megyn Kelly Says Woke School Educated Her 8-Year-Old Son About Castration as ‘Option’ to Become a Woman

Megyn Kelly Says Woke School Educated Her 8-Year-Old Son About Castration as ‘Option’ to Become a Woman

There are two ways to get caught up in the fun weirdness of early sex education: sitting here and then sitting in school meetings where it’s discussed.

I was able to experience both. Between fifth and twelfth grade, I wasted the time of my life watching funny videos on human sexuality and listening to teachers preach the gospel of tolerance: as long as it’s acceptable and legal, it’s fine and you’re fine. seriously. Don’t judge and don’t think that you are being judged by your parents or some higher power. you’re so sweet.

Then, during my short time in high school, I attended some meetings where this curriculum was discussed. Parents, you won’t be surprised to learn, aren’t happy about it. In perhaps the most sensitive topic parents have to deal with, the liberal values ​​that educators decide to act as a substitute for parents because children may not get that message at home. Since these were the pre-YouTube days, things weren’t going well, but the mood was tense – for good reason.

Those were different times, however, and the tolerance being discussed — the mechanics of the coital act, birth control, homosexuality — seems positively quaint today, even to school podcasters and Even by former Fox News host Megyn Kelly’s standards. her children. There, 8-year-old boys discuss stopping puberty, exile and becoming women.

On Wednesday’s show, Kelly played middle school teacher Ramona Basinger. According to the legal coup, the Providence, Rhode Island, teacher was suspended earlier this month for allegedly bypassing safety protocols.

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However, given the fact that Basinger was an ardent critic of race and other leftist pedagogies in the Providence curriculum, this seems like a flimsy excuse to remove a fly in the ointment.

In his interview with Kelly, Basinger said that Providence was “caught up in this whole pressure to embrace any kid who wants to be gay, heterosexual, polysexual, who knows?”

Should children be taught this in sex education programs?

“As a teacher, I’m not interested in talking to kids about their sexual preferences, especially at the age of 12,” Basinger said, adding that she felt that schools taught kids about their sexual preferences. Encouraging them to influence identities they would otherwise not consider.

“Developmentally, middle school kids want to be fit — maybe more than elementary or secondary school kids,” Basinger said.

“And so he…

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