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Meet the future of clean with the new Roborock S7

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Roborock has been building powerful robotic vacuum cleaners and mops for years with convenience as a top priority. With this determination, the company outdid itself every time a new model came out. Now you’ve found a way to innovate mops in 2021. Roborock S7.

Roborock introduced its latest smart vacuum cleaner at CES 2021 with several new features. If you’re considering a new robotic cleaner for your home, the S7 is definitely worth considering. Here are some great new features.

Sonic Mopping Dawn

Smart mops aren’t exactly new to the cleaning environment, but Rubrock’s VibraRise technology has never been seen before. It is a high-powered scrubber that can be set at different speeds from 1,650 scrubs per minute to 3,000 scrubs per minute. We were impressed with the scrubbing power of Roborock’s S6 MaxV, but the new S7 nearly doubles the pressure with 580g.

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VibraRise technology doesn’t just offer an impressive mopping punch. When the vacuum approaches, it automatically detects the carpet and switches from mopping to cleaning for a deeper clean in a single pass. Roborock’s S7 also picks up the mop when it’s done, so you don’t have to worry about dirtying your newly cleaned floor.

Easier and more stylish cleaning

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Rubrock didn’t have to reinvent the wheel with the new S7. Instead, it has refined an already impressive formula to make your life easier. Roborock has always made the most simple products on the market, which means it includes the best ingredients. The company has opted for all new rubber brushes. The Roborock S7 adds extra stability, and is less likely to tangle in loose hair.

VibraRise technology is another way Roborock makes life easier. We’ve already talked about how you can go from cleaning to cleaning the smart way. In other words, it can reduce the cleaning time. You can add a dock to your settings that will automatically empty soon to give you more free time in space.

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Cleaning management with the Roblox app

The secret to better cleaning is perfect planning. Fortunately, Roborock’s companion app lets you create your own. Not only can you decide where and when the new Roborock S7 will clean, but you can also review the route you took on your previous adventure. With this app, you can also create detailed maps of your home and even mark carpets and no-move zones in the palm of your hand.

If some hard floors are dirtier than others, you can activate the fine mopping mode at any time. This clever feature maximizes cleaning power with gentle suction. Roborock’s companion app comes with special features tailored to each vacuum cleaner, and the new Roborock S7 is a complete experience that money can buy.

For those of you who are tired and ready to add it to your cleaning arsenal, the Roborock S7 will be available on March 24th. Early adopters can save $50…

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