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Media, Pa. pharmacist accused of distributing drugs in exchange for sex

MEDIA, Pennsylvania (WPVI) — A Delaware County pharmacist is accused of distributing drugs at a pharmacy in exchange for sex.

Brian Martin, 81, owner and operator of Murray Overhill Pharmacy on State Road in Central, is charged with access to prescription drugs for sex.

“She was giving drugs to people who didn’t need them who were addicted to them so that she could get some of them that were for sexual gratification,” said Delaware County District Attorney Jack Stollstimmer.

The investigation began last April, when Central Borough police found two people unconscious in the back of a pharmacy. While officers were searching, the woman walked out of the pharmacy. Authorities say he was seen running away by police.

Police say Bryan went outside and asked if the items were true, and upon separate questioning, an argument began between the two officers.

As a result, the woman’s cell phone was seized and the investigation has been reported.

“They made their audience records and a lot of missing drugs,” Stollstimmer said.

According to the DEA audit, which compiled the inventory from 2016 to 2021, the Murray-Overhill pharmacy was the largest buyer of oxycodone, Xanax and the deadly drug fentanyl in the 19063 ZIP code.

Authorities say the woman, interviewed by DEA trustees, admitted to her weekly meeting with Bryan that it was a sex act to exchange money and administer substances.

“What’s going on with fentanyl, as we speak, is destroying all the families in Delaware County. It gave them drugs they didn’t need,” Stollstemmer said.

Further investigation also revealed that another woman also admitted to having sex with Brian on multiple occasions during the week.

Murray-Overhill Pharmacy closed last June.

Brian is charged with drug and other sex-related crimes. He turned himself in on Monday. Payments are up to $250,000.

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