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Home » Marjorie Taylor Greene goes completely off the rails with outlandish Independence Day screed

Marjorie Taylor Greene goes completely off the rails with outlandish Independence Day screed

While most Americans use the long holiday weekend to relieve the stress of work and daily life and to relieve the accumulated stress of the pandemic, right-wing Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green (R-GA) took the opportunity to write a lengthy Twitter post instead.

A 15-part thread published yesterday by the House of Representatives caucus presented his extremely narrow view of the views of “regular Americans” — a label he applies to a tiny percentage of the country’s actual citizens. It does this by limiting membership to only those people. Stick to your reactionary ideology – about their government now that their master and savior, Donald Trump, is no longer in power.

Greene’s social media manifesto is so indicative of public misunderstandings that Americans have taken for granted that it needs to be examined and re-examined to reduce the possibility that any naïve soul may actually share these ideas. Understanding. That even has an iota of truth and legitimacy.

Green began his thread by claiming to be a spokesperson for the fictional “regular American” who shares his beliefs and understands the federal government, of which he is a paid employee. , to become a “swamp” worthy of capitalization.

The Georgia representative tied every plank of the GOP’s bad-propaganda platform to the common wisdom of ordinary Americans, who despise the “fake news media” — the chosen stronghold of radical progressives. Fox Newsas the name suggests — and accusing Democrats of the tired old tropes of wanting to open borders and be soft on crime.

By combining the obvious fact that everyone wants safe communities with the false accusation that Democrats are working to avoid achieving that goal, Green uses the tools exploited by propaganda officials over the ages. Uses the population to brainwash them into accepting their twisted ideologies.

Green wasn’t content to just spread a bunch of lies. He still has a lot to hide in his manifesto, including the most famous ‘big lie’ that was stolen in the 202o presidential election.

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