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Marine Officer Sends Resignation Letter, Cites ‘Loss of Trust and Confidence’ in Leadership

Lt. Col. Stewart Schiller requested Sept. 11, 2021, as his retirement date from the U.S. Marine Corps in a formal resignation submitted Tuesday.

Schiller, last week under fire for his Facebook criticism of senior military leadership, returned to social media to make the letter public. On Facebook and LinkedIn, he addressed his posts on “American Leadership” with a copy of the letter, saying he was “leaving a loss of confidence and trust” in his superiors’ ability to lead. Explain the reason.

These words echo how the Marine Corps justified firing him. According to CNN, Marine Corps spokesman Maj. Jim Stenger said in a statement Friday that Schiller was relieved of his command because of “a loss of confidence and trust in his ability to command.”

Referring to himself as “we the people” in his Tuesday post on LinkedIn, Schiller wrote, “We are the people looking for change. We are the people looking for civic leadership. We are the people looking for accountability.” We’ll take it.”

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The letter came two days after Schiller posted an emotional 10-minute video announcing his impending resignation.

There he credited his decision to resign to a former mentor, retired Marine Col. Thomas K. Hobbs, whom Schiller said he loved “like a father” but whom he wrote in one of his LinkedIn posts. commented that “just played my head”.

“If Stuart Shiller is honorable, he will resign his commission,” Shiller wrote in Hobbes.

“He didn’t say ‘is’ as if challenging me. He said ‘is’ as if you thought I wouldn’t do it.”

Do you think Shiller was right to publicly announce his resignation?

Schiller emphasized at the time that Maritime The Corps was not seeking any other legal or administrative action against them other than for this purpose. “I think the plan is to keep me for three years,” he said.

After serving 17 years, Schiller can choose to “stay silent” and defer the remaining time until he reaches his 20-year mark at which time he can receive his military retirement and VA benefits. Disability benefits will be collected. “But I don’t think that’s the path I’m on,” he said.

Schiller shot the original video that went viral the same day that 13 soldiers were killed, killing more than 200 civilians and soldiers. He serves as the commander of the Advanced Infantry Training Battalion at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. He made the video while in uniform and lost his bow the next day.

“There is a forum where Marine leaders can air their differences in the chain of command, but it’s not social media,” Stenger said in a statement to media outlets including CNN, The Hill and independent military news outlets. , Stars and Stripes included.


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