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Home » LOONA fans over the moon with the K-POP group’s first win for #PTT with all 12 members present

LOONA fans over the moon with the K-POP group’s first win for #PTT with all 12 members present

Luna fans are excited to celebrate at least the first music show won by a group of all 12 members. “PTT” or “Pent The Town” is the band’s title track from their latest album, and was released on June 28, 2021.

The group has made waves since their first activities, perfecting a very unique concept in an industry where new artists are constantly debuting. The twelve-member girl group revealed their lineup with solo debuts for each of them. One member debuted each month, and several members joined subunits and were even given subunit editions until LOONA finally debuted on December 12, 2018.

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All 12 members of LOONA participate in “Paint the Town”, including Haseul, who recently returned from a second hiatus beginning in January 2020.

Why do Luna fans celebrate? Context behind reaction outbreaks

In March 2020, Luna won first prize for the South Korean music show “M Countdown” with her album song “Soo Kya”. [#]. However, it was a bittersweet moment for fans as the leader of the group Haseul was on a break due to ill health.

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Together with the fans, Luna was incredibly excited and finally won with all present and healthy members. He bowed on the stage and thanked the fans for their support.

After the win was announced, LOONA fans immediately jumped on Twitter to mark the event and show their support for the group members.

In gratitude, fans inadvertently ranked “#LOONA2ndWin” and “OT12” at #1 and #3 in the United States, and are currently trending in other countries as well.

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This is LOONE’s second overall win and the first from their latest release “Paint The Town”. As described by the band’s label, BlockBerry Creative, “(She) combines all the essential…

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