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Home » Logan Paul gives an update on Jake Paul’s head cut following KO win over Tyron Woodley

Logan Paul gives an update on Jake Paul’s head cut following KO win over Tyron Woodley

Logan Paul provided an update on Jack Paul, it was cut from his rematch against Tyron Woodley.

On Twitter, Logan Paul shared a video of himself taking a close look at Jack Paul’s cut forehead and claiming that he is fine. The ‘problem child’ himself said he was fine and the cut didn’t bother him too much.

Here’s a video that Logan Paul shared on Twitter:

During the rematch between Jack Paul and Tyron Woodley, the former UFC light heavyweight champion accidentally elbowed his opponent, causing Paul to suffer a nasty gash on the forehead.

As the fight progressed, Jack Paul’s forehead bled profusely, but he kept his composure.

The first five rounds of the rematch between Jack Paul and Tyron Woodley had minimal action between the two.

Woodley acted passively in the first fight, but received some offense in the later rounds of the fight. However, the story of the fight changed in the sixth round of the contest.

Jack Paul landed a right, immediately knocking out ‘T Wood’. In doing so, ‘Troubled Child’ now holds a 5-0 record in boxing.

Jack Paul sent warnings to Jorge Masvidal, Nate Diaz and Tommy Fury after defeating Tyron Woodley.

After beating Tyron Woodley in a rematch, Jake Paul gave props to the former UFC welterweight champion for shooting Tommy Fury.

Paul also had a message for Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz, who were there. Two UFC fighters in the light heavyweight division were warned by ‘The Problem Child’, who asked them to terminate their UFC contracts and attacked them for leaving the arena early.

“You’re all whores that left this field. I know you don’t want that shit. Next I’m going to kick you two out. Daddy cut your deals with Dana. I’ll fuck them too.” Will.” Jack Paul said.

As things stand, it will be interesting to see who Jack Paul will face next. A showdown against Tommy Fury could be possible next year. However, after a decisive win against Woodley in the return league, the 24-year-old has earned the right to play against the big names in the future.

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