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Leaked Oath Keepers Data Shows At Least 28 Elected Officials Have Ties To The Group

Over the past twelve years, at least 28 people who now hold elected office have supported or contributed financially to the Oath Guardians, an extremist group that was killed in the U.S. Capitol on January 6. was released during the violent attack, this is a BuzzFeed News analysis of the organization’s information. What is disclosed?

In the months following the coup in the Capitol, two of the eighteen men sworn in as guardians were accused of conspiring to express their support for the rule of several elected officials in their role. . And at least two officials — David Eastman and Mark Fincham of Alaska and the Arizona House of Representatives, respectively — were in Washington, D.C., on June 6 to witness Biden’s victory over Victoria’s Electoral College. Nor was he called by men.

Today, other elected officials with links to the Oath Guard, branded by BuzzFeed News, said they fell out of the group long ago, though some believe it may have been the work of a few bad actors. .

While the Oath Guards and other far-right groups are moving more into local politics, the system looks at how much support groups can already garner in state and local government across the country. Magistrates, who appear in the society’s records, city senators and road procurators, prefects, city councillors, and sheriffs. Some have members for life and income, some only contribute to an annuity, others donate money to the group, but are not made members.

“People will ask me if I’m going to report the company,” said Chad Christensen, a member of the Idaho State House of Representatives who was sworn in in 2012, sells insurance for State Farm, and a Also owns a private disclosure agency. . “I don’t say anything to them now.”

Although there is an important pre-sworn observation of guards in the armed forces and watch departments, little is known about the members who hold an elected position, or the support group for those who are elected. What means that often put in authority. federal government.

The organization, founded in 2009 by Stewart Rodsett, an Army veteran and Yale Law School graduate, takes its name from the oath to uphold the Constitution, which includes oaths for military affairs and law enforcement. Is. Its membership was kept secret until recently. The list of officials branded by BuzzFeed News will almost certainly understate the true number due to incomplete data and significant challenges in collating the names of local officials.

But a BuzzFeed News analysis of recent and former Oath Guards’ opinions on the government group’s claims — and particularly the United States’ interpretation of the Constitution — has somehow found its way into U.S. ruling courts. kept

One voted for the local body to ensure the policy of the state.

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