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League of Legends Worlds 2021: All teams that qualified for the international event

League of Legends Worlds 2021 is finally a list of teams that will compete for the crown of the best teams in the world.

It was a long journey to every region of the world. Every team and player was struggling with Covid-19 and faced many difficulties to get there.

It involves hours of training, grit and practice to win the top 3 or 4 spots in the playoffs and secure seats to the biggest stage League of Legends has to offer. However, it’s finally done and now the teams can travel to Europe to start preparing to solve the final piece of the puzzle.

League of Legends World 2021 was to be held in China. However, travel restrictions and visa issues force Riot Games to move the location to Europe.

Teams qualified for League of Legends Worlds 2021.

Initially, 24 teams were to participate in the 2021 League of Legends Worlds version. However, after the venue was moved to Europe, two Vietnamese teams had to withdraw due to travel restrictions. In fact, the Vietnam Summer Split 2021 was also cancelled, leading to a very sad situation.

So far 22 teams will participate out of which 11 will go through the group stage. The rest have to participate in the play-in phase and thus qualify the groups for a chance at the final prize.

The countries that have qualified for the 2021 World Cup by region are listed below. Those who entered the group stage directly and those who participated in the play-offs are listed in parentheses.

LPL (China)

  • Edwards Gaming (Group Stage)
  • Fun Plus Phoenix (Group Stage)
  • Royal Never Give Up (Group Stage)
  • LNG Sports (Play-in)

LCK (Korea)

  • DWG KIA (Group Stage)
  • General G (Group Stage)
  • T1 (Group Stage)
  • Hanoi Life Sports (Play-in)

LEC (Europe)

  • MAD Lions (Group Stage)
  • Fanatic (Group Stage)
  • rogue (play-in)

LCS (North America)

  • 100 Thieves (Group Stage)
  • Team Sial (Group Stage)
  • Cloud9 (play-in)


  • PSG Talon (Group Stage)
  • Beyond Gaming (Play-In)


  • Unicorns of Love (play-in)

LLA (Latin America)

  • Infinity Esports (Play-in)

TCL (Turkey)

  • Galatasaray Esports (play-in)

CBLOL (Brazil)

LJL (Japan)

  • DetonationN FocusMe (play-in)

LCO (Oceania)

The playing teams will have to fight for their place and qualify for the groups before the start of the main event. Riot Games has not yet specified the League of Legends Worlds 2021 date or location.

However, the teams have already started preparing as the excitement continues towards the much awaited World Cup.

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