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League of Legends Ultimate Spellbook: All ability pools that players can access in the new game mode

Just days after launch, Ultimate Spellbook has already added another fun alternative game mode to League of Legends.

A new way of working comes with patch 11.14 and allows players to replace one of their usual summoner spell slots with the ultimate ability to choose from 3 choices.

This mode has been very successful in a short amount of time as it allows players to perform incredibly fun combinations with championship abilities and completely different final spells.

This is the first Nexus Blitz alternative game mode in League of Legends. However, it gradually became one of the biggest peaks of “Sentinels of Light” an event that just started going live.

As the League of Legends mode is still very new, few players are aware of all the abilities that can be used in the pool. Therefore, this article will list all the skills that the Ultimate Spellbook can offer players on rotation.

All abilities in the League of Legends Ultimate Book.

  • Ahri: Spirit rush
  • General: Curse of the sad mother
  • ash: Magic crystal arrow
  • Azure: Car distribution
  • Bard: Hard destiny
  • Cho Guth: Invitation
  • Ezreal: True Shot Barrage
  • Fiddle Sticks: Make a storm
  • Gragas: Explosive barrel
  • Gwen: Hand work
  • heaven: Monsoon
  • Jarvan IV: destruction
  • Jinn: Call the curtain
  • Karthus: Requiem
  • Kelly: Divine judgment
  • the forest: Umbral Trespass
  • Kha’Zix: Void attack
  • Lee sin: Wrath of the Dragon
  • Lysandra: The Frozen Grave
  • Lucian: The Killing
  • Lulu: Wild growth
  • Luxury: The final spark
  • Malzhar: Nether grip
  • Maokai: Understanding nature
  • Accident: Time built time
  • mordecaiser: The realm of death
  • Morgana: The shackles of the soul
  • Night: Paranoia
  • now: Absolute zero
  • Olaf: Ragnarok
  • Rell: Magnetic storm
  • Color: The thrill of the hunt
  • Shane: Stand united
  • Scarner: They charge.
  • Soraka: Desire
  • Coupon: Shadow attack
  • Tryndamere: Immortal rage
  • below: Ritual of Secrecy
  • And: Fate was sealed.
  • Zoe: Jump over the portal.
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