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Home » Lawsuit: Kroger manager drove employee to suicide

Lawsuit: Kroger manager drove employee to suicide

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CINCINNATI – The manager of a Kroger store in Milford created “frequently prescribed for disturbing and dangerous situations,” the Justice Department said in a filing Monday with the Hamilton County Clerk of Courts.

Forty years, Kroger Dairy Manager William Seyfried “(a) plus Kroger employee (who) reported to work every day through the pandemic was prepared to deliver a safe product, but in the midst of it all he “Torturing some of its appropriateness is what is promised. To keep consumers safe and for their understanding,” LiPuma Austin, attorney for Seyfried’s father, William Seyfried, said in a news release.

“Like many people in this community, in the office, Joe Kroger is the identity,” LePoma said. “Everything was for him.”

Evan Seyfried died on March 9, “with no prior history of serious mental illness.” Krueger-Williams was intentionally tortured under the circumstances, which led to his death. are.”

In the campaign (in October 2020), a “campaign spot” dedicated to William’s support for the case accused the manager of a grocery chain in Milford, Ohio, that Evan’s life was a living hell. . “

“And it’s the end of 2020 from here, because of the refusal to comply is, quite frankly, dangerous behavior,” Lipoma said. “And then when he just took aim, as was his character with no words.”

Carrots claims there was a feud with Evan Seyfried, in part, from COVID-19, leading to “hazing, and a secret bullying” for self-sabotaging efforts.

As part of this, and give up threatening, Seyfried’s boss “concern and humble heart game”, because it is a person who according to the policies of the company is a pandemic – political and cities in his office Trust in the case of

“There’s a whole different, Evan had a history of issues with mental illness or any issues,” Lipoma said. “The only complaint is that fatal day, each of the moral stories attributed to the position of leadership.”

A WCPO spokeswoman reached out to Kruger Monday afternoon to listen but did not return.

a jury trial and a conspiracy to mob the wrongful death and two named teachers; Agony, pain, disinterest in the commotion of pain, passion, passion, torment, punishment, desire, the secret of things; Sexual harassment and reckless, willful and wanton conduct toward others.

“We’re a lot of questions, knowing that Evan tried to blow the whistle that he’s going to protect me that I’m trying to give you notice,” Lipoma said.


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