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Kyle Rittenhouse Says ‘There Was No Money’ Exchanged Between Himself and Fox News for Interview

Kyle Rittenhouse said his interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson and the documentary series were about “remembering” his story.

In an interview with News Nation’s Ashley Benfield on Tuesday night, Rittenhouse explained that there was no discussion between him and Fox News about money for the interview and documentary.

“Well, honestly, with Tucker, they reached out to us and they wanted to make a documentary, no money exchanged,” Rittenhouse said.

He added, “And we never talked about the money, and even when it wasn’t… and it wasn’t released, it was about remembering my story. And donating. For those, I don’t believe I owe them politics, but I am very grateful to them.”

Check out his comments below:

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Carlson senior executive producer Justin Wells said that neither Fox News nor the streaming service “paid any access, footage rights, legal fees or any other payment to produce the episode on the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.”

Traditionally, news organizations do not pay for interviews.

Fox News issued a news release, stating that the documentary will be released in December. It will include “an additional interview segment as well as exclusive behind-the-scenes access to Rittenhouse and his defense team.”

Rittenhouse was acquitted of all charges in his murder trial last week, IJR reports. He shot and killed two people and injured a third during a riot that began after the police shooting of Jacob Black.

In an interview with Carlson, Rittenhouse defended himself, saying he was not a “racist person”.

He explained, “This case has nothing to do with race. It has nothing to do with race. It has to do with the right to self-defense.”

Rittenhouse continued, “I’m not a racist person, I support the BLM movement. I support peaceful protest. I believe that change is needed. I believe that not only in my case, but in others. There is also a lot of prosecutorial misconduct in the cases.”

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