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Home » KLASK: The Magnetic Award-Winning Party Game of Skill That’s Half Foosball, Half Air Hockey

KLASK: The Magnetic Award-Winning Party Game of Skill That’s Half Foosball, Half Air Hockey

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(As Mar 23,2023 11:54:54 UTC – Details)

Product Description

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cool kidcool kid

Fast and furious

Test your skill, speed and aim with Classic! This fast-paced game will challenge your reflexes and accuracy, while providing tons of excitement!

Class groupClass group

Excitement for everyone

Easy to learn and fun to play, Classic is for kids and adults alike. Play as a classic head-to-head game or set up a tournament for hours of group fun!

Win the classWin the class

From Workshop to Global Trend

KLASK has a worldwide following with tournaments held in 16 countries leading to the annual World Championship. Bars, game stores and clubs around the world are running their own KLASK events. From a small workshop in Denmark to worldwide distribution, KLASK has become a global phenomenon!

The best party everThe best party ever

New 2019 version

Klask’s updated 2019 version includes updated white magnets (also known as Biscuit 2.0) with more rounded corners, as well as PTFE stickers to reduce scratches.

Class boardClass board

Well made design

Elegant and sturdy, the Classic is thoughtfully designed with a beautiful wood finish. The pre-assembled board is not only attractive but also durable enough to transport.

playing slapplaying slap

Entertainment on the go

Classic packs all the excitement of full-size games into a compact, self-contained design. Easily move the Classic anywhere, set it on a smooth surface, and get ready for hours of fun!

Also available

4 Player Mayhem!

The fast and furious 4-player version of the classic classic!

Party game of skill!

Fast rolling ricochet action! Quick to learn and fun for the whole family!

Game of drawing and illusion!

Rowdy sailors have a great story to tell the next day – if they can remember it!

2019 updates

Contains all the updated components of the 2019 Classic!

Perfect for any game room

If you like Klask, you’ll love BONK! The game is fun for all ages!

Adult party game

Sunken Sailor is for 3-8 players, recommended for ages 17 and up!

Best Party Game: Classic was rated as the #1 party game of 2015 in Sweden and Norway!
Fast and Furious: Put your hand under the table! Try to score but watch out for the hole! Use your magnetic handle and striker to defend your half, avoid biscuits (magnets) and send the ball flying into your opponent’s goal to score a goal. Be careful not to land your striker in your goal!
Play it anywhere: Like a portable foosball table, the Classic is fully assembled and can be played on any flat surface, making it the perfect tabletop game for the pub.
BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED: Meticulously designed in Denmark’s best regions with beautiful wood finishes

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