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Home » Kiley Kennedy GoFundMe page raises more than $4,000 as two teens arrested in death of Eureka High School senior

Kiley Kennedy GoFundMe page raises more than $4,000 as two teens arrested in death of Eureka High School senior

Kelly Kennedy, an 18-year-old Eureka High School student, was recently found dead near Highway 100 in Pacific, Missouri. Two 16-year-old youths were later arrested for murdering the victim.

His body was discovered by authorities around 7:00 a.m. on Wednesday, December 1, 2021, at the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office. Central to cases in Greater St. Louis. Louis was later assigned to further investigate the case.

Officers reportedly seized a 9mm handgun from a home in Pacifica and marked it as a possible “murder weapon,” leading to the teenager’s arrest. The Rockwood School District spoke to KSDK about the situation and said a consultation was held for all those affected by Kelly Kennedy’s death:

“Please join us in extending our deepest condolences to Kelly’s family and friends, as well as the students and staff of Eureka High School. Let’s continue to embrace each other and find a way to heal together during this difficult time. Do your best to find out.”

Kiley Kennedy’s partner, Mackenzie Shelton, also organized a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for her ex’s funeral expenses and support for his family. The fundraising campaign has already received more than $4,000 in donations.

Who Was Kelly Kennedy?

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GoFundMe Fundraising Kelly Kennedy (Photo via GoFundMe)

Kelly Kennedy was a high school student and professional from Eureka, and was recently murdered by two teenagers near Pacific, Missouri. She was reportedly on her way to Country Air Drive when she got into an argument with the suspects over money and drugs.

She was shot once in the chest and died of the gunshot wounds before authorities discovered her body. Kelly’s brother Logan Kennedy said on Facebook that his sister was a dancer, skateboarder and loved animals. He mentioned that everyone who knew him loved him.

Logan noted that his family is seeking justice, but also asked for understanding and consideration:

“Right now, many people want justice, and our family wants justice. However, we must provide grace. Whoever did this is a human being and he made a huge mistake, which broke many people’s lives. “However, we cannot turn my sister’s life into darkness. We have to pray for this person or people.”

Sheriff Steve Pelton of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement that Kelly Kennedy’s death was tragic, especially because she was young:

“It’s sad when a life is lost in general, but someone so young and the suspects so young, it’s really…

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