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Kayla Braxton reacts after Paul Heyman jokes about marrying her

Kayla Braxton wasn’t too happy about hinting at her marriage to Paul Heyman in her latest tweet following the events of SmackDown.

On SmackDown, Paul Heyman didn’t mince words as he bashed WWE representative Kayla Braxton in the opening segment. Heyman brings up the Brock Lesnar return rumors, and tells Kayla to come up with the facts and get some sources.

Shortly after, Heyman posted a photo of himself and Kyla Braxton from his in-ring segment via his Twitter handle. Heyman wrote the following in the caption: His tweet: “Premature conversation?!?”

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Braxton had had enough of Hyman and politely dismissed it in her response:

Kyla Braxton and Paul Heyman’s on-screen chemistry is a hit with the WWE Universe.

Kyla Braxton and Paul Heyman have known each other for a while. Heyman regularly returned to Braxton when both were mainstays in WWE. Talking to Smack.

Not long ago, Heyman made a bold claim and said that Braxton had a crush on her:

“I don’t… I like Kayla. I think Kayla has great taste in men because she likes me so much. I don’t dislike Kayla at all. I think Kayla is a remarkably talented person, but she There’s a stalker, and she’s following me, and she’s bothering me. And she’s teasing me. And she pokes, pokes, pokes every time with her weird questions and her inquiries. It’s like a gathering.” (H/T Wrestlingnik)

Check out a bunch of tweets from the WWE Universe sharing their thoughts on Kyla Braxton and Paul Heyman’s on-screen ‘feud’:

Let’s be perfectly honest, a match between Paul Heyman and Kyla Braxton at WrestleMania would be a classic. Book it, Vince. #SmackDown

Kyla Braxton vs. Paul Heyman is my favorite feud in wrestling!! #SmackDown

Kayla Braxton and Paul Heyman are one of my favorite running things. #WWE Television. #SmackDown

I can’t wait for that pop when Kyla Braxton beats Paul Heyman at WrestleMania

On this week’s SmackDown, Braxton revealed that Brock Lesnar’s suspension has been lifted. Next week, Beast Incarnate will appear on the blue brand.

what do you think Are you enjoying the unusual dynamic between Kayla Braxton and Paul Heyman on WWE SmackDown?

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