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Home » ‘Just shocked’: Butler HS cheerleaders display ‘privilege’ banner at football game

‘Just shocked’: Butler HS cheerleaders display ‘privilege’ banner at football game

CHARLOTTE – Dozens of local parents contacted Channel 9 in a shocking sign that a high school football game was being shown.

On Friday, Charles Catholic opens play against Butler High School. During the game, Superintendent Butler encountered a sign that read, “Sniff, I smell. What do you smell? Privilege $, with the word Privilege painted in white.”

“I was really shocked. My first reaction with the other parents was, ‘Wow,'” Melissa Swanson told Channel 9. “It was disappointing, and I was totally blown away by the support that I got. “Here we go to school with a bunch of white kids who fall in love easily” is how I interpreted it.

Swanson said he is a single parent and has a biracial son who attends St. Gabriel Catholic School. The news sign said that this is far from the truth.

“I’m a single mom and I have to juggle my son’s education with my regular job in a unique way. Money is not my parents, it’s not other people’s money, it’s mine,” Swanson said.

Other parents, who were alarmed about the sign, took to social media over the weekend, asking the school district to do something about it. In an email to Channel 9. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools said:

“Indy is aware of the standard flag displayed by the Butler HS cheerleading squad before the game against Charles Catholic last Friday.

Squad members and adults will responsibly inspect and move the flag as displayed. School and district officials would not release specific information on the disciplinary matter.

Principal Golden and Superintendent of Learning Communities Tangella Williams spoke with Andrea Catholic leaders to offer a verbal apology.

Butler High School cheerleaders send letter of apology to Charles Catholic

Soon there will be a meeting to “cheer the troops to facilitate goodwill and understanding” between the schools.

Butler, the student’s parent, told Channel 9 that he doesn’t agree with the students creating the code.

“Here’s the thing. I mean you as a parent can be upset, but kids have brains and they see things like that,” Alford Terry said. “You need to listen to what they’re saying.”

Charlotte Catholic Principal Curt Telford sent Channel 9 the follow-up.

“We appreciate the outreach we have received from the Butler High School community and we are confident that our relationship with them will be good. We understand how actions in the sports environment can sometimes result in such activities. are not representative of good governance. Our hope is that we all learn from such moments because at the end of the day we are all one community.

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