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Home » Jump Festa ’22 day one wrap-up: Bleach, Chainsaw Man, Dragon Ball Super and more

Jump Festa ’22 day one wrap-up: Bleach, Chainsaw Man, Dragon Ball Super and more

Jump Festa ’22. Day 1 has come and gone, and with it came many exciting announcements for various series. The long-awaited return of series like Bleach, while new generation anime Boruto has revealed a new key scene for the rest of the series.

Day one of Jumpfest ’22 is sure to be packed, and fans should be excited to see what day two brings. With so many series debuting at JumpFest ’22 on the first day, the additional news could be too much of a distraction for fans.

As a result, this article aims to compile and focus on the key announcements from each of the major panel series of ‘Jumpfest’ 22 days.

Jump Festa ’22 day one brings huge announcements for mainstream series viz Bleach, Chainsaw man, Dragon Ball Super And more

Jumpfest ’22: Bleach

Bleach Jumpfest was probably the biggest day of ’22, debuting the key visuals and trailer for the anime adaptation of Millennium Blood War. Fans have been waiting for the return of the anime for a long time and were waiting for the news of this return at Jumpfest ’22. It’s safe to say that fans definitely got a return on investment, as the trailer showcases a new artistic style and updated animation, giving the series an incredibly fresh look.

Jumpfest ’22: Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super It also had a great first day at Jumpfest ’22, debuting the upcoming new trailer Super hero Information about the movie as well as the manga. The trailer highlights Gohan in particular, hinting at him as the star of the series for the upcoming film.

Fans also saw Gohan wearing his Piccolo-inspired outfit, as well as using the Super Saiyan transformation Gohan swore off earlier. This creates a ton of intrigue for the film, which fans apparently brought up with another trailer.

As for the manga, it has been revealed that The Survivor’s Granolach Onion is nearing its end and a new Mango Onion will begin in 2022. Fans speculate that the new Onion will debut in April or May, as is Granolaha’s current final fight. In addition to the trailer and this manga news, Akira Toriyama also prepared a preface for the panel, discussing the film and the selections in anime style.

Jump Party ’22: Chainsaw man

gave Chainsaw man The first panel of the Jump Festa ’22 day was a little disappointing. Chainsaw man fan. Many expected the new anime trailer and release date to debut at the JumpFest ’22 series panel. Unfortunately, this was not the case. Fans learned more about the second part of the manga, which is confirmed to arrive in the summer of 2022. The anime has also confirmed its 2022 debut series.

Jump Party ’22: Haikyuu!!

Haikyuu!! They celebrated the tenth anniversary of the series’ debut, but unfortunately fans didn’t get the news they were hoping for. …

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