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Home » John Cena publishes his “black twin”, christened “Jamal Cena”

John Cena publishes his “black twin”, christened “Jamal Cena”

The actor and wrestler shared a photo of bodybuilder and trainer Brandon Kubina, which is doing the rounds on social media due to his resemblance to Cena.

Diner posted a photo to your verified Instagram account without a caption.

Judging by the comments, no headline was needed, as many fans were fully aware of Cena’s black doppelganger, dubbed “Jamal Cena.”

John Cena has been busy these days with roles in “The Suicide Squad” and “F9: The Quick Saga,” so naturally, social media has already started looking for a role where he could play the role. The “twin” of his

Kubina, whose social media lists him as a UK resident, is leaning towards interest.

His biography on Twitter Says “24. You may know me as “Black John Cena” or the owner of Omega Muscles. Bodybuilder. Coach.”

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