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Jeff Hardy should be Roman Reigns’ next challenger

The reigning Universal Champion needs a credible challenger, and Jeff Hardy would be the perfect candidate for that role. Tribal Chief Roman Reigns just came off a stunning victory over the WWE Big E Champion at Survivor Series.

The charismatic enigma presents a unique challenge.

Ever since he became Universal Champion in August 2020, Reigns has been unstoppable. Edge, John Cena, Daniel Bryan and Kevin Owens are just some of the people who recognize him as the “boss of the table”. Hardy, on the other hand, was far from the World Cup picture.

As some fans have noticed, the charismatic enigma has been on the move lately, quietly gaining momentum. He put on a spectacular finish in the Men’s Survivor Series elimination match and was the last man to be eliminated by Seth Rollins on RAW. While his critics may feel that the veteran has no place in the modern-day champion scene, he has risen through the ranks to prove himself a viable threat to Reigns.

Additionally, in recent months, the head of the table has been battling heavyweights like Big E and Brock Lesnar. These behemoths have different weapons and wrestling styles than Hardy, which could be a concern for Reigns. The champion must align his A-game with flexibility, charisma, high-risk innovation and the speed of a charismatic enigma.

Roman Reigns vs. Jeff Hardy is a dream match for every WWE fan.

Tribal Chief’s reign of terror has seen many dream matches, and adding Jeff Hardy to the list would elevate his pedigree. The head of the table has a special appeal against the charismatic enigma. It might not be worth the main event of WrestleMania, but it will sell thousands of tickets.

As shown by his work with Daniel Bryan and Finn Balor, Reigns works well with smaller men. This adds to the allure and intrigue of a potential showdown with Hardy, as both stars are unlikely to disappoint.

Interestingly, Jeff Hardy dubbed Reigns and the Bloodline on the Steve Austin podcast. WWE also teased the appearance of a new challenger on their Twitter account.

The charismatic Enigma has made his intentions clear: he’s fighting for the top prize on SmackDown. Will Tribe Chief Steve Austin Respond to Veteran Comments on Podcast?

The WWE Universe would love to see their hero Jeff Hardy get one last chance at the World Cup.

Comment below if you think Jeff Hardy should be the next challenger to Roman Reigns’ Universal Championship.

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