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Home » Jamari Dent, Who Tried To Commit Suicide After Merciless Bullying At School, Dies At Age 13

Jamari Dent, Who Tried To Commit Suicide After Merciless Bullying At School, Dies At Age 13

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CHICAGO (CBS) – JAMART gave a 13-year-old student, whom he tried to hang, two years later, a blow to the school that led to his failed attempt to kill him. There was an injury.

Investigators tell CBS 2 JAMART DEATH Erickson, who was 11 years old at the time of the February 2019 suicide attempt, died Thursday night of a traumatic brain injury.

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Now irregular breathing at night. And he reached the hospital with a coincidence, but the doctors did not revive him.

Now Chicago Public Schools has become the cause of his family’s wrongdoing in a federal lawsuit.

JAMART alumni, Medgar Evers and Carter Woodson game.

“At Chicago City Public Schools, we are saddened to learn of our condolences for the girl’s transfer and JAMART Dent’s deep compassion for reaching out to her loved ones,” a CPS spokesperson said in a statement.

Just last week, Jamart’s family learned that despite being deaf and blind, and on a ventilator, he had some neurological function from 13 years ago. But since February 2019, being stuck inside the body.

A two-year ordeal in a Facebook hospital room led to a series of live videos of Jamara crying her death. Mother Terra Black talks about the day everything changed on CBS Tully 2 2019’s Investigator Brad.

Dante’s mother Jamara says the 11-year-old tried to kill himself, after repeatedly bullying students and teachers at the school and was ignored by authorities. (Photo by CBS)

On June 18, 2019, JAMART’s mother begged him to stay home and go to school the next day.

“He said ‘Mom, I don’t want to go to school tomorrow.’ He said, ‘I’m tired of messing with the game,'” Blake said.

According to a family’s federal lawsuit filed at a Chicago public school, JAMART tired of calling him “stupid,” “dumb” and “retarded” by students, teachers, and G. Woodson at Non-Tully School in the Bronzeville neighborhood. of

Family attorney JAMART’s classmates, teachers confirm that a JAMART often called “dirty and stupid”, but said he would never be like that, “and called him” dumb, retarded and stupid. “He said the academics described the physical abuse between the 11 and the teacher in the JAMART store” by cutting off his oxygen supply.

Jamara’s mother has had many opportunities to ask for help, and she hasn’t gotten it.

“This timely abuse that was being noticed, but he chose Jamart to protect the youth himself,”…

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