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Home » Jake Paul appears to have a black eye from his brawl with Floyd Mayweather’s team

Jake Paul appears to have a black eye from his brawl with Floyd Mayweather’s team

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Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather caused complete chaos in Miami as they led to a huge fight. After Mayweather’s press conference and confrontation with Logan Paul, his younger brother Jake decided to get in Mayweather’s face and ended up getting a black eye.

During their confrontation, Jack Paul grabbed Mayweather’s hat and the act caused chaos between the two sides. Although the footage doesn’t capture exactly what happened during the fight, Jack Paul shared his video soon after.

Moments after the fight with Floyd, Jack Paul took to Instagram to share the story via his profile. In classic Jack Paul fashion, The Child With Problems showed off his black eye and bloodied mouth as a result of his fight against Mayweather.

Here’s a picture of Jack Paul after his fight with Mayweather:

Jack Paul after his fight with Floyd Mayweather
Jack Paul after his fight with Floyd Mayweather

During Logan’s press conference with Mayweather, Jack Paul was in his brother’s corner and joined Logan on stage. Jake, being the instigator, continued to taunt Mayweather as he went back and forth with Logan on the microphone.

Mayweather wasn’t too bothered by Jack’s comments and fired back. The undefeated boxer did just that when he shot his incoming opponent Logan and reported the two brothers to Paul.

Floyd Mayweather has had issues with Jack Paul in the past. The former claimed he wanted to fight the upset kid in an exhibition showdown that he passed Ben Screen, which Paul recently did at a Trailer Fight Club event.

Mayweather posted a post in which he wrote that he wants to fight Jack Paul.

Can Jack Paul and Floyd Mayweather fight each other?

Jack Paul has made a lot of noise since entering the world of boxing. Paul has won the likes of DJ, Nate Robinson, and recently hosted former UFC fighter Ben Screen.

Paul also called Daniel Cormier and filmed Kumara Usman.

However, the YouTuber-turned-boxer can now turn his attention to Floyd Mayweather, despite the fact that his brother Logan will have a mini-fight on June 6 in Miami, Florida.

If Mayweather gets past Logan, the undefeated boxer is likely to face Jack Paul.


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