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Jaime Munguia vs. Gabriel Rosado: Preview and prediction

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Saturday’s DAZN Main Event between Jaime Munguia and Gabriel Rosado features two of the sport’s toughest middlemen. Given that they are both working on getting the 160 lb title, this fight is a great one for everyone.

Although no championships are played here, the winner will be one step closer to a golden opportunity.

Also, let’s check out the DAZN showdown between Jaime Munguia and Gabriel Rosad.

Jaime Munguia Gabriel Rosado: Review

Jaime Munguia is one of the most talented young names in boxing. At a solid 37-0, the 25-year-old is coming off one of the best wins of his career. The former WBO 154-pound champion destroyed Paul Kimmel Sermenta in June to set up his shop in Russad.

Mungoya got off to a slow start at 160, and eventually made progress with each stride. He is a fast puncher who is comfortable waiting for an opening. Whenever he gets a seam, he breaks the opponent. The Mexican currently has 30 knockouts in 37 fights.

Gabriel Rosado on the other hand is definitely not as fast as Mungoya. Regardless of the fact that he lacks technical skills, he makes up for it with pure power and strength. While that’s a bit cliche for most fighters, it suits Rosada.

The ‘Kings’ record is misleading as it is less than 26-13-1. However, this record comes with years of battling the best in the world. His work finally paid off as he scored a notable knockout victory over Bektemir Melikozev in June.

Jaime Mungoya vs Gabriel Rosado: Prediction

Jaime Munguia is a big favorite this weekend, and that’s no disrespect to Gabriel Rosad. Rosado worked incredibly hard to get to this stage, but he may have fallen behind on Saturday.

While Rosado is a strong hitter and excels in the role of an outsider, it’s hard to see him imposing his will on Mungueja.

While Rosado will probably give him the toughest test of his career so far, it’s hard to imagine Rosado winning this weekend. The ‘King’ shouldn’t be able to outplay Mungui, and while a knockout is possible, it’s far from likely. Mungoya never touched the mat in his young career.


Gabriel Rosado will give his opponent a chance to calm down in certain exchanges, but it won’t be enough. While Rosado is a smart veteran, Jaime Munguia is a step up from his last opponent and will prove it this weekend.

Jaime Munguia is likely to win on Saturday night. Rosad’s endurance won’t get him a knockout, but he’ll likely outlast him en route to a big win by decision.

Prediction: Jamie Mungoya decision.

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