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It seems it’s possible to get Google’s Magic Eraser on any Android phone

Google Pixel 6 Pro Right Rear Offset

Eric Zeman / Android Permissions


  • Google Magic Eraser tool should be only for Pixel 6 series.
  • However, this tool only works if you install a specific version of Google Photos.
  • Your mileage may vary depending on this method, but it suggests that this tool may be available for all future phones.

On the roof tensor chipset inside the Google Pixel 6 series. Obviously, the Pixel 6 phones can do some tricks that other phones can’t.

One of these tricks is the Google Magic Eraser tool. It allows you to take a photo and then erase objects, people and even background elements from the photo. This tool uses AI Smart to magically fill in the gaps in deleted content, making it seem like it was never there.

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Obviously this tool doesn’t need tensors to work. According to Mashal Rehman on Twitter…Several people in the Google News Telegram group have successfully used the Magic Eraser tool on non-Pixel phones. In fact, some work on non-Pixel phones and phones running Android 11 as well.

How it works is to trick users into thinking they own a Pixel 6 by using a new version of the Google Photos app and providing Google Pixel 6 features. Thus, the Google Magic Eraser tool seems to work just fine without Tensor. .

Of course, your mileage may vary if you use hacks like this one. For everyone who made it work successfully, there are many who failed. All you need though is Google Photos sideloaded with some customizations. Of course, install it at your own risk.

But the good news here is that Magic Eraser may come to non-Pixel phones in the future. Just wait for the Pixel 6 feature to expire.

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