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It might not be a good idea to recall Killjoy’s alarmbot and turret at the same time in Valorant

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Since her debut in Episode 1, Act 2, Killjoy has become one of Valorant’s fan favorites. His primary abilities are Alarmbot and Nanoswarm, while his signature and ultimate abilities are Dome and Lockdown.

Killjoy is versatile enough to take care of backstabs and strategic flanks in the game.

However, it was found that a recently discovered bug caused problems if the player tried to recall the alarm system and the dome at the same time. Doing so in Valorant can lead to some unexpected results.

A Killjoy bug could cause players to lose their alarm in Valorant.

/ A Reddit user at Invalink discovered an error in the question. He posted a video on the subreddit r/VALORANT, and quickly gained attention in the community.

In the video, the u/Invalink Ascent map sets the dome and alarm on the spin of the bumper. Then the player tries to recall the tower and the alarm by pressing Q and E simultaneously. Although the turret returns and enters cooldown as expected, the alarm does not sound.

Additionally, every time a player tried to cancel the alarm bot, it failed and repeated the voice line “No charging”.

This flaw can basically cause Killjoy players to miss the alarm.

Community members also discussed another issue in which the dome’s cooling would not last and would last forever.

Killjoy can get stuck in a cooling loop in the dome Valorant.

Redditor in/freeman231 discovered a killjoy turret bug in the comments section of a post in /Invalink.

A mistake can essentially cause the dome to get stuck on cooldown, rendering it useless for the entire circle.

Redditor in /TheYellowLatern explained the conditions for triggering the above error as follows:

If you try to remember when planting, it happens, and it happened to me at the beginning of the round, I think I remember that and the round that starts at the same time, I Not sure.

Redditors in /beautify and in/Revolution-Key107 pointed out that the bug in question can also be triggered when Killjoy tries to recall the dome after resurrecting Sage in-game.

Mistakes may seem small at first glance, but can cause big problems during stressful times. We hope that these errors will be corrected with the upcoming Valorant patch.

Posted on March 15, 2021, 5:36 PM IST

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