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Is Pokemon Unite doing anything for Halloween?

All Hallows’ Eve is fast approaching and it looks like Pokémon Unite is getting into the spirit of the season.

This Pokemon-filled MOBA has seen a lot of changes recently. Sylveon was released (and immediately frowned upon), mobile players came into the game, and Mamoswine was a welcome new addition. Due to a recent data leak, it looks like new cosmetics and possible Pokemon will be coming in the near future.

New costumes for Halloween have arrived in Pokemon Unite.

The first change in Pokemon Unite, which everyone who plays with sound on may have already noticed, is that the menus are themed differently. New spooky music can be heard in the background when players load into Pokemon Unite.

Although he is not sure if he is connected to Halloween or not, Blastoise was also given a new costume. The new Water Pokemon Hollowware has the look of a firefighter suit, perfect for Pokemon with two hydro cannons on the shoulders.

In addition to the changes already made, it looks like Pokemon Unite has some more special Halloween bonuses coming to it. These bonuses were analyzed by both Chowz and SpookEevee on Twitter.

The new costumes will soon appear in the Pokemon Unite Store. These costumes include Halloween-themed costumes, combat uniforms and a new Hawaiian shirt.

Speaking of information leaks, there was more from the Eclipse Twitter account. Eclipse has already established a history of creating fairly accurate data lakes, although data mining data is always subject to change.

According to this leak, Lalachi will be added to the list. It was previously mined with data. Also, Thiol and Nicket will become Mafia Pokemon. Finally, the Decidueye line from the Alola region reportedly reached Pokemon Unite.

Since Thievul and Nicket are already labeled Mafia Pokemon, this could point to a new Quick Map for the game. The other three are the design themes of the fast-playing cards (Chevre City, Aroma Park and Mir Stadium). With Halloween approaching, a ghost map may appear at the entrance to Pokemon Unite.

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