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Is Moonblast Altaria worth using in Pokemon GO?

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Pokemon GO offers an invitation to those who choose to breed the Pokemon introduced on the latest Community Day.

During the Pokemon GO Community Day on May 15, Swablu took center stage, appearing more frequently in the wild. With 400 candies needed to turn it into Altaricha Community Day, it should be made a little easier.

Pokemon GO Trainers who successfully prepare Swabla during Community Day or two hours after it ends, will have an altar that knows about the Moon Blast Fairy Attack.

Is Moonblast Altaria worth using in Pokemon GO?

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic

Moon Blast is a very powerful fairy move in both the main games and Pokemon Go. As a Flying / Dragon type, Altaria does not get the same attack bonus (STAB) when using Moon Blast.

However, this does not make it useless. Players can earn Altria Mega Energy. Mega Altaria gets typing fairies, making Moonblast a STAB maneuver.

Altaria, which requires 400 candies to evolve from Swablow, is not a very powerful Pokemon. It can dominate Pokemon Go Great Ball with lower CP. This makes Moon Blast an interesting attack.

Brilliant Aura is a fairy trick that Altaria can learn, but Moonblast surpasses it. Deals the same damage, but costs 10 less energy and has a chance to lower the opponent’s attack Pokemon’s Law.

A second charged attack only costs 10,000 stardust and 25 candies. It pays 100% when it comes to Altria. Flying or charged dragon-type moves like Sky Attack or Dragon Pulse and access to Moon Blast will almost certainly look overpowered.

Moon Blast will allow Altaria to finish off some of the dark-type Pokemon that tried to capture the Pokemon GO Battle League target. But Moonblast isn’t nearly as viable as a lone charged charge.

How about dual settings for a loaded attack? Moonblast pays 100%. Using this with a STAB attack will give Altaria another powerful move that will cover some of the other issues she may face.

Posted May 16, 2021, 12:12 AM IST

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