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Illinois offers student loan forgiveness in exchange for buying a home

ILLINOIS (WIFR) – Andrew Earlywine is still buying real estate in Maxney Park after arriving home, and he and his fiancee are always on my mind.

Earlywine he tells the disciple, he doesn’t mean to stop him, after all because of high and low, he is occupied, he is at home, so he must do it, but it is no longer a challenge.

“We’ve been urged to buy a house, but I say we finally have to go home to buy now,” Earlywine said.

He learned from the program, because it’s the first time SmartBuy, which offers non-qualified student loan forgiveness for up to $40,000 to first-time homebuyers in Illinois, has purchased a home loan.

“I know that advice to young people whether to keep money at home and on the road or to pay off their student loan debt is a difficult plan and the way you balance it as they put in and it really helps. That they can’t,” said. Vice President of Lender Midwest Community Commercial Marks Bank.

He says, he jumps back in disbelief, there will be a chance that Earlywine will get rid of one of his own students because of him for this program at home.

“Certainly, the spoils on something expensive you’d know was a no-brainer for me,” said Earlywine.

After the tremendous success of the program, Earlywine says he wants to help others in a similar space and conversation.

“Generally, all as a ‘thing’ and they don’t believe me, you force me to use it and who you can send the connection to,” Earlywine said.

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