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How to watch NFL Draft on Hulu? Complete guide for fans on day 1

There are certain days on the calendar that are sacred to NFL fans. The Super Bowl, the first game of the season on Thursday night and the first full slate of Sunday games in Week 1 are moments everyone is looking forward to. Up there, along with those amazing dates, is the NFL Draft, when hopeful young talent are forever hoping for each team to make a difference. The NFL Draft 2021 will begin tonight at 8 PM and will be watched by fans around the world. Hulu subscribers can also tune in to The Draft.

NFL Draft Live Details: How to Watch the NFL Draft on Hulu?

The NFL Draft can be watched by Hulu + Live TV package subscribers through the networks that will air the event. ESPN and NFL Networks will cover the proceedings from Cleveland, Ohio, as well as from a remote site. Even if Hulu subscribers don’t have a live TV service, viewers can still access the NFL Draft by signing up for a trial period for the service. This will allow viewers to use the service for free for the next three days while the sketch is being produced.

Hulu subscribers will get a significant increase in NFL content over the next few months before heading into next season. It was announced last week that Hulu and the NFL have reached an *agreement* that popular league media content, such as NFL Network and NFL Redzone, will be part of the Hulu + Live TV package through August 1, 2021. More football content is available as training camp and the preseason get into full swing. This is a very interesting and revolutionary agreement for both parties.

The 2021 NFL Draft will also be broadcast on ABC, another alternative for Hulu and non-Hulu. ABC is considered the most basic channel in most cable and streaming packages and is more likely to be included in a free streaming service than the NFL Network or ESPN.

The first round of the NFL draft will be completed tonight, while the rest of the draft picks will be made over the next two days. On Friday night, the draft continues at 19:00 EST, with Rounds 2 and 3. On Saturday afternoon, rounds 4 through 7 begin at 12:00 EST.

Posted on April 30, 2021, 12:22 AM IST

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