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How to redeem codes in COD Mobile in June 2021

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COD Mobile is one of the most downloaded Battle Royale games for Android and iOS mobile devices. Since its launch in October last year, the game has been constantly adding new features, gameplay and items to keep the player base engaged and wanting more.

The game offers players a wide selection of items and a variety of customizations. One way players can obtain these items is by purchasing codes. COD developers recently announced that they have added a new code redemption feature for players.

Redemption codes give players free rewards and bonuses. Awards range from traditional gun skins to unique legendary clothing. However, these codes are easy to use, but are region or time specific. So they quickly stand out.

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How to Use Codes in COD Mobile

COD Mobile Repurchase Center Official Website (Image Credit:
COD Mobile Repurchase Center Official Website (Image Credit:
  • Launch the Call of Duty mobile game and scroll down to the profile section. Copy UID (User ID under avatar icon)
  • Visit the Call of Duty Mobile Redemption Center next time.
  • Paste the previously copied UID in the first box and the exploit code in the second box.
  • Enter the control code in the third field (the code on the right).
  • Touch the Submit button.

Now go to inbox in game. The player will receive a skin or in-game reward via email. Click on the prize and add it to inventory.

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