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How to get through the Fog Maze of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

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Puzzles like the Fog Maze are an integral part of the gameplay of Guardians of the Galaxy. If players want to progress, there will be plenty of puzzles to solve, and the fog maze itself is waiting to be tackled in Chapter 10.

As Mantis leads the team through the area, players will eventually reach the fog. As the team progresses, the fog will deepen until the players reach a foggy maze. At this point, players have to be careful with what they say, as the fog maze is definitely not friendly and could mean danger.

Make your way safely through the misty maze in Guardians of the Galaxy.

When players enter the main room of the Fog Maze after Mantis and the team, everyone will complain of hearing voices. At first they are nervous and may find it difficult to tell what the voices are saying.

Star-Lord will try to reveal to the team what he thinks is hidden in the misty maze. However, it is up to the player to decide what Star-Lord will say, and there are several different options for what he thinks is hidden in the mist. Whichever option is selected will appear in the fog.

The Mist Labyrinth hears what the team is saying and takes on the form of enemies they believe are hiding. This means that whatever option the player chooses will appear, but it is possible to say nothing and wait for the match to end. If the players keep choosing the enemy, the match will continue smoothly.

Without saying anything and without summoning enemies, players can move through the fog maze to the next puzzle piece.

The end of the foggy maze in Guardians of the Galaxy

In the second part of the fog maze, players encounter more difficult fog and will see more enemies. Players are tasked with clearing the fog forever, but some team members need to be picked up first.

There is a tunnel that can be seen by radar that appears to be a fog stop tunnel. Rocket must pass, but cannot be convinced until several members of the team disappear. Once they do, the rocket will clear the obstacle and reach the source of the fog.

All that’s left to do is survive and destroy the main source when Rocket returns, and players can move on to Guardians of the Galaxy.

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