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How to get the Efficiency enchantment in Minecraft

Minecraft has tons of spells available to its players, and is constantly adding them.

While some spells have interesting effects, others are more reliable when it comes to everyday tasks like fundraising or self-defense. For example, increased efficiency improves the drilling speed of the tool. This will allow players to quickly clear large numbers of buildings and resource blocks. Along with spells such as Fortune, Minecraft players can gather large amounts of materials they need (sec ores, in Fortune’s case) in a short amount of time.

Effectively enchanting an instrument will require an appropriate tool, an enchanted table, an experience level that meets the enchantment’s prerequisites, and some lapis lazuli.

Minecraft: Get enchanting performance with your enchanting table.

Image via Mojang
Image via Mojang

Enchanting Tables can be a little picky about the spells they offer the player, and the selection offered is somewhat random. To ensure players get the most bang for their buck from Enchanting Tables, they should try the following:

  • Surround the enchanting table with bookcase blocks. By placing them around the table and giving a block of air, the runes in the book will be transferred to the table, increasing the spell’s power. It’s important not to block the shelf though. If they are too close to the table or the runes are blocked, the spells will not improve. To ensure the maximum increase in enchantment, 15 blocks of bookshelves will need to be moved to the enchanted table.
  • Get as much experience as possible. The higher a Minecraft player’s experience level, the more powerful their spells will be.
  • Make sure that many Lapis Lazuli are placed in the opening with the enchantment item. As with experience, some of the more powerful spells require substantial amounts of lapis.

After setting the required Efficiency Enchantment tools (picks, shovels, axes, hoes, scissors) and their Lapis Lazuli, The Secret to Enchanting will display the available spells on the right side of the window. By moving the cursor over each spell, Minecraft players will see which spell it is by name. Each spell will vary in rank and cost. If players don’t immediately see available magic spells, there is an easy and cost-effective way to nullify available spells.

Enchanted throws or various items, Minecraft players can undo a list of enchanted tables. With a few repetitions, it shouldn’t be hard at all to find effectiveness when it comes up. After that, just take advantage of the significantly increased speed of applying spells and breaking blocks.

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