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How to get Pinap Berries in Pokemon GO

Most Pokemon GO players want them because their Pokemon usually need them, but the good news is that Pinup Berries aren’t too hard to come by.

When trainers reach level 18, a pineapple-shaped treat will be unlocked. Although they are used very differently in the main Pokemon series, in Pokemon GO they are given to wild Pokemon during catch encounters. If on the next throw a pokemon fed a Pinapberry is caught, the amount of CandyCoaches received from the catch will be doubled.

For many Pokemon that require large amounts of candy to evolve, such as Swablu or Magicarp, they are even more valuable.

How to get Pinap Berries in Pokemon GO

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic

Since these aren’t available through the Pokemon GO in-game store itself, berries, including Pinaps, will need to be obtained through gameplay in various ways. Some will be much more reliable than others, but all of these methods will provide pinpricks in some features. Pokemon GO also has Silver Pincher Berries, which are also rare, but improve the chances of catching a Pokemon by 1.8x and multiply the amount of candy you get from a catch by 2.3x. Receiving silver pins is often more intimidating than their standard counterparts, but they are still within reach of fixed coaches.

The ways Pokemon GO players can expect to get quality Pinap Berries are:

  • equalize: By simply earning XP during the game, coaches will reward several items, including Pinap Berries, increasing their overall level. As stated earlier, Pinup Berries will not be available to a player until they reach level 18. After that, they can expect to get pinups at levels 21, 25, 29, 33, 37 and 49.
  • Gyms and PokéStops: By spinning a Photo Disc at any Pokemon GO Gym or Pokestop, players will receive a prize as a reward. Although Berries are part of a pool of items available from spinning Pokestops or Gyms, there are many other items that can appear, including Pokeballs, Potions, Eggs, Revues, Evolution Items, Gifts and Stickers. Some of these items will be limited, depending on the player’s level, and the Pinap Berries themselves are far from guaranteed at any point.
  • Community Bucks / Daily / Limited Time: While Berries themselves aren’t available for purchase in the Pokemon GO Store, you can sometimes find them in boxes at the top of the menu. Most of these boxes will cost Pokecoin, but there are often special free promotional boxes available through Niantic. They won’t always carry Pinapa Berries, but players can often check to see if new boxes available require them.
  • Completion Research work: Research can often be difficult, depending on what the task requires, but the many rewards offered to players can be well worth the effort. Berries are often sprinkled in as exploration rewards, along with XP bonuses, encounters with Pokémon, and other items. If players see a research award that is standard or…

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