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How to get past the three dot doors in Metroid Dread

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Many areas of Metroid Dread are locked behind a mysterious door with three yellow dots on it.

Like other Metroid games, there are many goals that are locked behind item upgrades. Players would have to travel elsewhere, upgrade, and then return to take advantage and unlock a previously inaccessible path. These triple gates get in the way in many areas of the early game, but the upgrades required to open them aren’t far off.

How to open a strange door that blocks multiple paths in Metroid Dread

The way Metroid Dread players can open this triple door is by using the Wide Beam. This weapon is similar to the Spazer Beam from Metroid Fusion or Super Metroid of the same name.

What this bundle does is split Samus’ beam into three separate shots. This allows her to hit every point at the same time to unlock this mysterious door.

Many players may notice a particularly strange three-pointed door on Cataris. Players can get stuck at the top of the map, and the only way down is to block some of these doors. The way forward though is to head to Dyron where the Wide Beam is located.

When Metroid Dread players arrive at Dairon, the first thing they’ll want to do is head up. Once they turn left, there are a few blocks on the floor that they can shoot to get down. If you turn left from here, they will be introduced to a storage station.

Widebeam fired three separate missiles (photo by Mercury Steam).
Widebeam fired three separate missiles (photo by Mercury Steam).

After saving the game, players can continue to push left. They have to go down to the next room. In the right corner are trap blocks that Samus can pass through to reach the lower corridor.

To the left of here will be a large room full of enemies. Players must go through this room and the adjacent door.

They must enter a dark area without light and the creepy atmosphere that Metroid is known for. When players move slightly to the left, they will find a node they can activate to regain energy and run through the facility.

From there, players can return to the previous room, where they must find the missile door. If they shoot at it and pass, Widebeam will be waiting for them. This will make it much easier to return to Cataris, where the player can pick up some more valuable upgrades and conquer Kraid.

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