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How to get new Armored Titan bundle in Free Fire

Freefire recently unveiled their latest collaboration with Attack on Titan. As a result, several themed cosmetic items have been added to the game, including the Male Survey Corps and Female Survey Corps packages.

The new Armored Titan package was also recently unveiled, and players can get it at the Armored Bullseye event.

This article gives an overview of the events of Armored Bullseye and how users can obtain the package.

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Getting a new bundle of Armored Titans in Freefire

Armored Bullseye Event in Free Fire
Armored Bullseye Event in Free Fire

As mentioned earlier, a special Armored Titan Bundle can be obtained in the Armored Bullseye event. It started today on March 19 and ends on April 1.

During the event, players can earn a bundle by spending diamonds to swap cards in the Attack on Titan title.

Players must simultaneously spend diamonds to switch cards.
Players must simultaneously spend diamonds to switch cards.

Once a card is flipped over, it will turn gray, so prizes will not be repeated. The number of diamonds required to roll over will then increase. Each flip is worth 9, 19, 29, 49, 69, 99, 199, 299 and 599 diamonds.

So, players are guaranteed to get the package by spending 1371 diamonds or less.

Prize Fund

Here is a list of all the items players can get in the Armored Bullseye event:

  • Titanium Armored Package
  • Pharaoh Gunbox
  • Cheetah gun box
  • Private eye rifle box
  • Imperial Rome Gunbox
  • UMP Box Wild Hunter
  • Skull Hunter AK Box
  • Mystical Seeker Scarbox
  • Death M1014 Box

Access to the event

Players can follow these steps to access the event:

Step 1: I can open the events section by clicking on the calendar icon.

Step 2: On the ‘Events’ tab they have to select Armored Bullseye and press the ‘Go To’ button.

Step 3: Users must shuffle the cards before the diamond is flipped.

Step 4: They can change the desired cards by eating diamonds.

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