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How to get Flower Crown Happiny in Pokemon GO

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Happiny is the latest Pokemon in Pokemon GO to get the coveted Flower Crown variant.

The cute pink baby Pokemon is definitely not the easiest creature to get. But this is a task that can easily be done while performing other tasks such as participating in megalopany raids, so why not try to get this special version of the Happiny event?

How to reach Flower Crown Happiness in Pokemon GO

Joy (Image via GameFreak)
Joy (Image via GameFreak)

So how do you reach a happy Pokemon? This puffball can only be caught with eggs. Fortunately, there are 2km eggs per egg, allowing players to quickly check out lots of eggs for their potting pleasure.

Between April 4th at 10:00 local time and April 8th at 20:00 local time, any egg within 2 km has a chance to award the player with a flower crown. This fits in perfectly with Mega Lopunny Raids, which means players can knock out two birds with one stone by working on their eggs as they rot the Mega Bunnies. Between battling that Easter bunny and hatching those Easter eggs, Pokemon GO delivers the full Easter experience in this one event.

The flower crown of happiness has an extra special feature – the crown will stick to it through its evolution. A beautiful flower arrangement can also rest on the heads of Chainsy and Blassy, ​​bringing even more joy to the looks of the two already friendly looking Pokémon.

Now for some friendly tips. 2km Eggs can easily be picked up from Pokestops, so it’s never a bad idea to stop a few on the way to a Mega Raid. And unlike the weekly spotlights, the speed at which Happyness will hatch compared to other Pokemon hasn’t increased. This means that a player may have to go through several baskets of eggs before crowning their friend.

Posted on April 2, 2021, 3:34 AM IST

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