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How to get Explorer Maps in Minecraft

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Introduced in the Minecraft update research, explorer maps are very helpful when it comes to finding rare buildings like jungle villas or marine monuments, even when used to find hidden treasures. Can also be done to search.

Although they can be found in shipwrecks and underwater ruins, an easier way to find explorer maps is through a local cartographer, who will replace players with them depending on the profession.

At the Apprentice level, Cartographers will trade Oceanic Explorer maps, and at Journeyman level, Woodland Explorer maps will also be traded.

At the cost of a few emeralds (13 for ocean maps, 14 for forests) and a compass, trading these maps is much more efficient than scouring Minecraft for shipwrecks or underwater ruins.

Minecraft: Using Explorer Maps

Image via Mojang
Image via Mojang

Whether purchased from loot chests or the village shop, Explorer Maps in Minecraft work very simply.

The striped areas of the map represent water bodies, while the darker shapes represent land masses. Interesting buildings, such as villas or monuments, will be marked on the map.

However, it is important to note that these may not be the structures closest to the player, so it may be necessary to travel a considerable distance before the map begins to display its areas like a normal map. will

Minecraft players can check their proximity to the area that the Explorer map covers by looking for a gray icon that indicates where the player is located. If the icon is too small, it means the player is still too far away and needs to close the distance.

If the icon is back to normal size like a standard map, they are close. Once inside the area covered by the card, it will begin tracing the surrounding area as the player searches as a regular card.

This covered land area has 512×512 blocks, which may be relatively small considering how large the Minecraft world is.

If the explorer’s map is a type of buried treasure, it will have a large X on the map instead of markers indicating where the forest or marine structures will be.

Buried treasure will be located directly in the center of the X mark, so Minecraft players won’t have to stress about digging a huge hole while searching.

As for buried treasure structures, players can expect to find them in the Beach or Snow Coast biomes, while Minecraft: Bedrock Edition players can also find these hidden treasures in the Mushroom Field or Stone Coast biomes. can.

However, the rewards are worth the effort, as the buried treasure is the only means of survival in obtaining the Heart of the Sea, a component material with nautilus shells for making pipes.

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