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How to customize your Android 12 phone’s Material You theme

As Android 12 continues to roll out to more phones, more and more users are finally getting their hands on the suite of improvements and changes in the latest OS upgrade. There are inevitable heading behaviors with better accessibility and privacy, camera and microphone indicators to notify you that you’re recording, and improved smooth motion and animations in the UI. Content you.

Content is an umbrella name for a host of personalization features within you. Android 12. Basically, you can customize your phone theme according to your preferences and wallpapers. Not only does it help your smartphone give you a unique feel, but it also makes for a really beautiful home screen. But if you’ve just upgraded to Android 12, you’re probably wondering what to do to get the most out of Material You’s dynamic themes in the OS. We’ll guide you through setup to achieve the perfect, personalized look.

This step outlines the process. Google Pixel phones, but should be pretty much the same on all supported Android phones. Saves a few selection adjustments to the menu name.

Choose a wallpaper.

Contents Your colorful custom themes are based on your home screen wallpaper, so let’s get started. Content doesn’t need a specific type of wallpaper to work, but if you want your phone theme to really stand out, try something with vibrant colors. (If you don’t know, you can change to wallpaper. Order -> Wallpaper and style.)

I also enjoyed mixing and matching different wallpapers for my home and lock screen. The theme for the lock screen is always associated with the home screen wallpaper, so even if you use a different theme on the lock screen, you can create bolder and more interesting color combinations while your phone is locked. are

Choose a Material U theme.

To access the Live Wallpaper theme settings, go to: Order -> Wallpaper and style.

You’ll see four circles filled with different colors under the home and lock screen wallpapers (see second image above). Each of these circles represents a different color scheme that Android 12 has taken from the current home screen wallpaper. You can tap each one to see how the different colors blend into your smartphone’s theme. When you find something you like, you’re done. If you go elsewhere, you’ll notice that the theme has changed.

If you don’t want to use a custom theme. Primary color Press the button on this screen to select one of the four stock theme options: Blue, Green, Purple or Orange.

Theme icon

For those who want to go all out on a dynamic theme. Theme icon On the Wallpapers and Styles screen, select the More option below. It’s currently in beta, but this setting changes the appearance of Google app icons to match the color scheme you choose based on your wallpaper.


This change only applies to your phone’s home screen. The default icon will continue to be used in the app drawer.

And there it is. …

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