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How to catch Sunflora in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Trainers have a higher chance of getting Sun Flora in the mobile game.

Since the beginning of Pokémon GO, there have been many events. These events increase the spawn rate of certain Pokemon, provide bonuses for in-game items, and more.

Pokemon GO seems to have a new episode every week or so. For those looking to catch Sun Flora, the current special event will provide an opportunity for coaches.

How to Catch Sun Flora in Pokemon GO

Image via Pokemon
Image via Pokemon

Sunflora has been in Pokemon GO since the addition of the Johto deck. However, that doesn’t mean every coach has caught one. The mobile game doesn’t have that high of a spawning rate for wild encounters.

Instead, the best way to catch sunflowers is really not. Sankarna needs to be caught and developed. Sankaran can be crafted using a Sunstone and 50 candies to create a Sunflora.

Currently, Pokemon GO is in its Environmental Sustainability Week. This week, many Pokemon have increased encounter rates. Sankaran appears more often in the jungle so coaches can catch him.

Using decoys near a PokeStop and incense will draw wild Pokemon closer to the trainer. This can give the coach a large amount of friction to hold onto.

Be sure to use the Pinap Berry during the competition to increase the number of Sankaran Candy winners after a successful catch. If you do this in clear or sunny weather, you will further increase your incidence rate.

Once the hybrid is ready, trainers can use it in gym battles and PVP battles with Pokemon Go Battle League. Sunflora is one of the few Pokémon that can learn a brand new move, Leaf Storm, which deals incredible damage.

Posted on April 22, 2021, 12:03 AM IST

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