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How to bounce three times on tires without touching the ground in Fortnite Season 8

A Fortnite challenge in Chapter 2, Season 8 instructs players to bounce on tires three times in a row without touching the ground. This is one of several side quests that players can complete, different from the punch card quest that serves as the weekly quest for this season.

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Quests with cards they start by finding specific NPCs on the map that list tasks for players to perform for some XP. But if Fortnite players want to quickly add to the experience beyond punch card tasks, they can complete this challenge instead.

Where to bounce tires in Fortnite this Season 8

Any pile of tires seems sufficient for this challenge, but it’s easiest to travel to sit west of the Steamy Stacks and north of the Orchard in the Cube Zone. Go to the lawnmower race track near the top of the Crow area to find a large pile of tires that you can jump over.

This challenge offers a huge reward for a task that lasts only a few seconds. After Fortnite players manage to jump over a pile of tires three times without touching the ground, they will earn a total of 30,000 XP.

The hardest thing about this challenge can be avoiding other players from completing it. Bouncing the tires three times isn’t that hard, you just need a little bit of movement control so you don’t fall to the ground. However, when players jump in the open air, they attract a lot of attention that can tempt enemies into quick kills.

Watch where other players fall and avoid danger before jumping on the tires. Tires also make bouncing noises, so this is another factor that can force enemies towards you. Keep in mind that all Fortnite players are trying to solve this challenge at the same time.

These tasks are easy ways to advance in Fortnite Season 8 Battle Pass. Stop by and win prizes for completing these challenges with minimal effort.

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