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How to add medical information to your Android phone

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Let’s face reality. Smartphones are almost everywhere with us. They never leave us. We hold or hold our hand firmly from the comfort of our pocket so that the screen does not accidentally fall and break. Our smartphones become valuable tools for companies trying to hide your location, as well as for emergency services to quickly capture snapshots of your medical information in the event of an accident. To help me. But your Android phone is not magic. You’ll need to enter your medical information manually so that it appears when you have time, so I’ll walk you through how to enter it correctly.

While these steps outline the process on Google Pixel phones, it should be pretty much the same on all Android phones, with just a few changes to the settings name. This is also worth noting. Personal safety The app comes pre-installed on Pixel phones and adds many features not available in regular apps. Medical information Order

Add medical information to your Android phone.

1. You need to take a close look at your phone’s settings to enter this information. Start by going to Order Then scroll down. Safety and emergency Option It should be sandwiched between you location And Password and Account Options are listed here.

2. Inside Safety and emergency Menu, you will find Medical information Tap it to fill in the following medical information fields at the top:

  • Name
  • Blood type
  • Allergy
  • medicine
  • Address
  • Medical records
  • Organ donor status

3. Tap each field to bring up a text box where you can enter information. There is only one exception. Organ donor And Blood type A list of choices appears in the field.

To view and edit the various fields mentioned above on Samsung phones, you need to tap the pencil icon in the upper right corner.

Any medical information you add to your Android phone is stored only on your device, so you don’t have to worry about Google telling you that you have type O or a severe dairy allergy. Is.

Disclosure of medical information in case of emergency

1. At the bottom of the medical information screen, you’ll see a box that says “For emergency help, people can view this information without unlocking the device.”

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2. Tap Change the setting You can turn this option on and off here. We recommend that you leave this feature enabled, as it may otherwise be difficult for paramedics or other emergency services personnel to access this valuable life-saving information.

You can also set a close friend or family member as an emergency contact. As long as the above setting is on, in an emergency, people on your phone can see and call these contacts without unlocking the device.

To set within it Safety and emergency Set, select. Emergency Contacts. now Add to address book. Select an option and select the person you want to add from your contact list. Your phone automatically…

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