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Home » How Mattress Mack’s education brought the ‘rally nuns’ to Minute Maid Park

How Mattress Mack’s education brought the ‘rally nuns’ to Minute Maid Park

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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) – A stunning nun wouldn’t be back in Meads Park in a minute if it weren’t for McMatrix on the high school stage.

In the American League Championship Series, it was hard for the Astros to miss the Angels in the outfield. At center field, a group of about 60 seals were picked up and the contingent prepared for Houston.

But they were not suitable for parents. But there was a group of nuns.

The sisters got tickets from the Jim Mackingville Furniture Gallery, including “McMc” badges, which wasn’t easy at first.

“My nuns needed to make lesson plans for the boys the next day,” Mekingvale recalled. “I said, give them a break.”

McIngvale thought Astros fans would enjoy seeing the nun, but he knew it would go unnoticed.

“I thought people would like it,” Mackingwell recalled. “They’re in Coke’s suite, which is kind of high. They like to put Minutes Mad inside their TV camera.

Mother Mack is an outdoor nun. They teach a class inside their school with their equipment. But the connection goes deeper.

“I went to a Dominican school in Dallas for many years,” Mackingwell explained. “Bishop Lynch High School, my father founded that high school fifty years ago and so I’ve been with Dominican priests and Dominican nuns for many years.”

Over the years, Mackingwell said he has donated mattresses and household goods to the group. That season, the Astros punched their tickets to the playoffs against the Monkees.

“They’ve dedicated themselves to a cause. An unprecedented cause. At this age, that’s an amazing thing,” Macingwell said.

Amazing Astros fans are so in love – the Angels in the outfield, who played the first two games of the World Series.

“In many ways we’re in the dark ages now, and nuns bring some light, as President Bush 41 said,” Macingwell said.

The Astros didn’t lose the Nuns here. The Monkees won six ALCS in one game.

If they win the next two games, ABC13 Mattress Mack asked Nunn if she wants to go to Atlanta. He was not very successful.

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Mattress Mack is bringing back the comfort nuns for World Series Game 1 at Mint Girl Park.

“Society of Nuns” to the Astros’ Angels in the outfield at Mint Park

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