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How Do you play Arcana


The Arcanist is equipped with fantastic abilities that enable them to cast spells for attacks ranging from close range to long range, and they also have access to cards that cast these spells. Because of these abilities, the Arcanist is able to use cards in his deck that cast spells. They are able to use cards that cause other spells to be cast as a result of these abilities, giving them additional casting options.

When this card’s effect is activated, the basic attack will rotate between three different directions each time it is used for the duration of the effect, for a total of sixteen seconds. Each time you take damage, you gain one stack in addition to the total you already have.

Mayhem Card: For the next thirty seconds, your ATK Speed ​​will increase by 3% for four seconds whenever class skills are used to hit an opponent, up to a maximum of 15%. This effect can only occur once each time class skills are used to hit an opponent. This effect can only occur once in any match in which a class skill is used to kill an opponent.

Corrosion Card: For the next five seconds, there is a chance that enemies will take an additional ten percent damage to themselves. There is a 30% chance of this effect occurring. This effect lasts for the next thirty seconds.

Ignores collisions with enemies while simultaneously increasing movement speed by twenty percent and reducing damage from enemies by fifty percent for three hits that last sixteen seconds each. This effect is up to threefold. A card that contains a ghost.

Ruin skills always activate the effect of four stacks for four seconds, regardless of how many stacks are placed on enemies. This effect will last for four seconds. The duration of this effect is going to be four seconds. This effect will last for a total of four seconds after taking effect.

Moon Card: For the next thirty seconds, the cooldown will be reduced by ten percent, and the rate at which MP regenerates will be increased by twenty percent. This effect remains active as long as this card is in play.

Due to the Wheel of Fortune card, the duration of the ability that follows is cut by 100% of its duration, reducing the time it takes for the ability to finish its cooldown. Is.

Card of Royalty: You have the ability to use this card to fill open card slots, resulting in up to two additional cards to collect. The ability of this card is broken down into its component parts below for your reading pleasure.

Engravements for the Arcanist, like those for the other advanced classes available in Lost Ark, are divided into two separate categories. This arrangement of drawings is consistent with how other advanced classes have organized their material.

A character’s attack damage, their ability to stack, and their one-of-a-kind…

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