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Home » How badly is Tony Ferguson’s knee hurt after UFC 262?       

How badly is Tony Ferguson’s knee hurt after UFC 262?       

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After his fight against Beneil Dariusz at UFC 262, many people in the mixed martial arts industry initially anticipated that Tony Ferguson’s knee would be severely wounded. However, the injury to Ferguson’s knee is not as severe as they had anticipated.

Tony Ferguson, a former interim lightweight champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, took to his official Twitter account to update followers on the status of his much-discussed leg injury.

Tony Ferguson did not make any public statements regarding the specifics of his ailment. It is the consensus of a large number of MMA fans and experts that Tony Ferguson suffered a serious leg injury when he refused to whine Beneil Dariush during an attempt at a deep hook.

On Twitter, “El Cucuy” implied that the only injury he had sustained was a “minor sprain,” and that he had “no tears.”

Tony Ferguson’s Tweet read as follows:

Faith, Family, Friends & Crew “Easy Tearless Twist”. Rest, Recovery, Repetition x 3. Let’s- Champ -CSO- # Active. Rest for two weeks baby !!! -XTA2- Home team # Beyond Blessed One. “

Tony Ferguson is well-known for his one-of-a-kind manner of interacting with his admirers through the medium of social media communications. Beneil Dariush was followed by ‘El Cucuya,’ who released a statement in which he claimed to have heard Beneil Dariush’s knees cracking during their battle.

Tony Ferguson expressed gratitude to his fans and mentioned that he will take a few weeks off from training before getting back into shape.

Tony Ferguson received widespread praise for refusing to perform at UFC 262

Beneil Dariush consistently led Tony Ferguson to the mat during the three rounds of their main event, which took place at UFC 262 on May 15, 2021, and then maintained him there for the most of the fight. Dariush defeated Ferguson with a decisive victory via grappling and submission holds.

When Dariush secured a strong heel hook on Ferguson, it became one of the most talked about moments of the fight. The filing was obviously painful for Ferguson, as the latter appeared to grimace in discomfort.

However, Tony Ferguson did not participate in the attempted abuse by listening in on it. Instead, he managed to avoid death and went on to challenge Darius to a fight. Ferguson was not successful in convincing Darius to take a stand, and Darius maintained his dominance over the country. Dariush emerged victorious in the battle against Ferguson, taking the victory via unanimous decision.

After that, Tony Ferguson gained a significant amount of respect and thanks from others around him for his refusal to take advantage of the painful surrender tactic.

It is anticipated that Beneil Dariusz will be able to advance to the upper tier of competition in the lightweight division of the UFC with a victory at UFC 262. While this is going on, the general perception is that Tony Ferguson needs to put together another remarkable victory streak before he can re-enter the UFC image in the lightweight title picture.

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