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Historic Great Bend house moved to country for new owners

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THE GREAT BEND, Kan. (KWCH) – The Great Bend turns 100 this year. To celebrate, he has a new owner and a new property to settle into.

On Tuesday, many eyes in Great Bendino were fixed on 2526 Broadway Avenue as the three-story home began to become the new residences for Amber Rogan and her family.

The move has been more than a year in the making. It all started with Rogan and her husband, Brent, looking for a new home to expand or build on their farm south of Great Bend. Supply chain has been negatively affected by COVID-19, prices and housing boom.

“Even booking a schedule is just about anybody’s price and it surprised us a little bit,” Rogan said.

So, the family was on the market looking for a home that could fit and adapt to their needs. Century House was at 2526 Broadway Avenue.

“One thing that never goes away is a pattern, and that’s why we wanted a bigger house,” Rogan said.

The drive home from Great Benny to the Rogan property is approximately 15 miles. The slow, steady road drew a large crowd.

Rogen said that her “heart is so heavy and lifted” as she says goodbye to her home with such a rich Broadway history.

“It’s like taking a palm tree and hiding it, tucking into the trees in a field, and it makes me a little sad,” he said. “Yeah, I’m trying to press the line of communication.”

Rogan also knows that the house was built in 1921.

“Like reading a book, a good book,” she described the homeschooling process.

Rogan said he found a list of people who helped build the house, who lived there, and the quality of life of some of the people who lived there.

“My husband’s family has been in this county for 100 years, and this house has been here for over a hundred years. I feel like there’s a link somewhere,” Rogan said. “Everyone says it’s a family home and it’s not. I’ve always been very interested in history.”

Rogan said that after the move, she was working alone with her family.

“I look for a local architect who really enjoys classical architecture,” he said.

The family wants to preserve the house’s history as it becomes their new home.

Some of the designs include a stone fireplace in the house in honor of the Rogan family serving as an ornament.

Their residence also remains on the farm, but will be relocated elsewhere on the property. Rogan said that when they bought the farm, it was clear that the house was the mainstay of the farm.

“We Don’t Want To Break Up” [original farm] Home It’s very important to me that Norma and Kent stay together with their family history,” she said. “I just think of the different stories she tells me about different bedrooms in the house. She was born in our office and in our bedroom where her sisters lived.

Rogan said that Norma and Kent have passed away, but she wants to keep their history alive.

The main objective of this project is to make it possible for all those who have helped or are involved in…

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