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Home » Hagakure face reveal finally happens in My Hero Academia Chapter 337, Twitter erupts

Hagakure face reveal finally happens in My Hero Academia Chapter 337, Twitter erupts

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My Hero Academia fans are having a field day as the face of Invisible Girl / Hagakure has been revealed. The character has been around since the beginning of the manga, and fans have taken to social media to express their excitement at the news.

Raw scans always went viral a few days before the relevant chapter was published. But in this case, My Hero Academia fans were finally able to see Hagakura’s face from Class 1-A.

Fans are buzzing with excitement as the My Hero Academia: Invisible Girl’s face is revealed

My Hero Academia is a popular manga and anime series known for its well-designed characters. Hagakure, from Class 1-A, is a character introduced in some of the manga’s earliest chapters.

After 336 chapters, the hidden girl’s face was finally revealed, and fans went crazy. Fans took to Twitter, and some tweets read:

Of course, fans had a lot to say about the faces being revealed. While fans of My Hero Academia commented on his physical appearance, some tried to draw attention to the fact that he has the power to turn off his invisibility.

Some fans remember a time when fanart was circulating the internet and people thought it was Hagakure’s face. But fans have confirmed that this is the main character art of Saguri-chan Tenkentai.

About Toro Hagakure from My Hero Academia

Toru Hagakure is a talented Class 1-A hero from UA High. As the look suggests, her hero’s name is “Invisible Girl”. She is energetic, lively and a person who enjoys hanging out with schoolmates and friends.

Unlike some heroes who rush into battle without a plan, they are extremely smart and strategic. He has proven his ability to fight stealthily on several occasions.

It has always been hidden until now. Now that his face is revealed, fans are speculating that he has the power to turn off the invisibility whenever he wants. While its awkwardness may be perfect for stealth missions, it has one significant drawback.

It needs to be completely removed, which can interfere with missions when the user is exposed to extreme conditions such as high temperatures.

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