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Guilty Party review: Paramount Plus goes true crime-ish

True crime continues to explode and fiction takes shape. These kinds of… shows like Hulu’s Only Murders in the Building deal with true crime within a narrative. Now Paramount Plus Stabbing Knife starring Kate Beckinsale. The guilty party.

Paramount shared the first three episodes of Guilty Party: android permission. Read our review of the show, which premiered October 14 on Paramount Plus.

The greatest benefit of influence

Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus includes thousands of movies and TV shows from CBS, Showtime, and Paramount Pictures. It also includes new and original movies like Good Fight, Infinite and more.

What about the guilty party?

Guilty Party Review Paramount Plus

Beth Baker (Beckinsall) is an award-winning investigative journalist, but one day she loses everything. Now she’s infamous (did she really come up with a quote from her own source?), and she’s working on a new pop culture website. She struggles to fit in with her younger peers.

Then, he received a letter from a female prison inmate. Tony Plimpton (Jules Latimer) is serving a sentence for the murder of her husband. But he didn’t, she says in the letter. She is a victim of a justice system desperate to keep black women in custody and needs Beth’s help.

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It’s a chance for Beth to get her career back on track and, if she’s lucky, to do something good for someone in need. What follows is a deep dive into the world of gunfights, exotic lizards, tanning salons and sex work, as Beth tries to uncover the truth. Full of comedy, mystery and suspense.

Who really killed Tony’s husband? Can Beth uncover the truth behind the crime? Or is Tony using it to exonerate him despite his true guilt?

Art imitates true crime.

Paramount Plus

True crime has been one of the most important forms of entertainment of the past decade. From popular podcasts like Serial and My Favorite Murder to HBO’s The Vow to TV hits like Netflix’s Tiger King, the genre has captured our collective attention.

It is now a genre that has received a backlash, or at least the necessary scrutiny. As a recent work Gawker In summary, major crime has been steadily declining for nearly 20 years. And men are overrepresented among homicide victims. So why are we (often) so fascinated by stories of gruesome deaths of women and hints that a killer lurks in every shadow? They often concluded that this was a reactionary and conservative way of managing crime. Many others have also pointed to law enforcement’s uncritical homage to true crime.

After Hulu’s Only Murder’s in the Building, we can probably expect more comedies set in the real world of crime, like Guilty Party.

That’s all that led us to discover Hulu’s fantastic latest series. Murder in the Building A true crime fan solves a murder case in his apartment complex and records a podcast about it. The show deals with the absurdity of a true crime thriller, while also…

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