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Home » Grand Theft Auto 5 mod allows players to play as Omni-Man from Invincible

Grand Theft Auto 5 mod allows players to play as Omni-Man from Invincible

Grand Theft Auto 5 is looking for ways to bring new experiences to modern players.

There were mods for Spider-Man, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk and other superheroes. This time it’s a mutated super-powered individual who is reaching new heights of GTA 5 popularity.

Omniman from the hit Amazon Prime series has been transferred to GTA 5 with the main character. They have the ability to fly and show off their superpowers.

Players can play as Omniman from Invincible with Grand Theft Auto 5 mod.

Photo via Skybound
Photo via Skybound

Invincible is an animated superhero show in which the main character, Invincible, comes to learn about his superpowers. His father is Omniman, the main villain of the comics turned television series.

The mod created an important Grand Theft Auto 5 modder The Darth Knight. In a viral post on Twitter, user @HeavenlyControl turned the world upside down by showing a bit of gameplay.

The post has more than 235,000 likes on Twitter, bringing together a lot of people just for this one GTA 5 mod. It really shows the limitless potential and possibilities of a decade-old game with sand.

As shown in the video at the beginning of the article, Omniman is not the only invincible character in Grand Theft Auto 5. YouTuber TK REBIRTH has released an Omni-Man vs Invincible video and a solo Invincible video.

The YouTube channel TK REBIRTH is full of videos showing different modes of Grand Theft Auto 5. In fact, GTA 5 is a game that can be modified to any modder’s desire.

There are videos showing the Omni-Man taking on other important super beings, such as Homelander from The Boys and the Kryptonian, known to the world as Superman.

Other videos include The Flash, King Kong, Godzilla, Charizard, Thanos and more. It’s amazing what GTA 5 can do and this new Omni Man mod is top notch.

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