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Home » Google released a Pixel 6-themed tarot card deck that you can download

Google released a Pixel 6-themed tarot card deck that you can download

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The holidays are approaching and Google is fully embracing the spirit of the season. Rather than a stingy reputation to give away, Google, and influencers like Team Pixel regularly find themselves with a bit of Google swag to show off on their channels. This year some lucky fans are getting a little esoteric in the socks. A deck of Pixel 6 themed tarot cards.

I got it Last Thursday I took a look at the deck for the first time. When it started appearing on Twitter. Google has an astrologically themed purple box (share Nine to five Google). 22 cards ( Major Arcana For those who love Tarot), they are paired with certain features of the phone and animated when viewed. AR on Instagram.

Even if you’re not a member of Team Pixel, you can still join because we’ve made it available to you. 93 page Google Slides presentation This explains the history of fortune telling using tarot cards, how to use the deck, and the interpretation of the cards. If you need your own Google Deck, you can print out the slides that explain the cards.

For more experimentation, Google has 22 selfie filters you can use on Instagram called “tARot randomizer.” Okay fine? Ah my personal favorite is that you have to move your head to keep the tower from collapsing. You can check out the link above and play for yourself.

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